Bummin'It Beach


FPA for Consoles, World 3

Number of Level


Previous Level

Rolling Bayou

Next Level

High Dive Caverns

Bummin' It Beach is the 5th level in The Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles and World 3.

In ConsolesEdit

The Beach is located beetween Rolling Bayou forest and High Dive Caverns (aka Pirate Cove in World 3). Weather is sunny and sea can be seen.

Bonus RoomEdit

The task is to knock down 42 sand castles, by going through them or jumping on them in less than 42 seconds and after it's completed beach people will award player with rainbow pants.

Other RoomsEdit

A secret room will lead player to a water area with Bathub Pirates in the water. When the player swims through the water in the end they will find a star. Few sand steps above the cave will lead player to the mountain area also known as the Goat Mountain. There, after finishing a race in less than one minute, Goat will award you with Pharaoh Hat.

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