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Fancy Pants Man
Fancy Pants Man
Fancy Pants Man holding a pencil.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Stick Figure
Health Healthy
Status Alive
Relatives Cutie Pants Girl (sister)

Fancy Pants Man is the main character of this game series.


He is a stick figure with orange pants and spikey hair. He lives in a place called Squigleville with his sister Cutie Pants Girl. FPM's abilites consist of being very fast, agile, and strong.  He is also seen to have some experience of sword fighting/fencing as he can wield a large pencil as one.


Fancy Pants Man first appeared in FPA World 1, it doesn't have much of a storyline. You run through mountains, stomp spiders and collect squigles, you will find a cardboard box and jump into it, you will then learn how to wall jump. After more stomping, collecting and wall jumping you will find a hole and jump in, there you will find the boss (A penquin). After defeating him that's the end of World 1.

In World 2 he plays golf and after winning his price is an ice cream. Mayor gives it to him but the Angry Rabbit jumps out of the hole and takes it away. FPA man jumps in the hole and decides to follow him. When he comes to the sixth stage he meets the Rabbit and fights him. When player defeats the Rabbit three times it's victory to Fancy Pants Man and so he takes the ice cream and probably eats it.

In World 3 and console game Mayor wakes him up and tells him that he needs to fight pirates and free King's royal Bathtub. He does that but after his sister Cute Pants knocks the pirate captain, other pirates kidnap her so Fancy Pants Man needs to find her. He follows her bottle messages which lead him to a pirate bay. He enters the ship but a pirate blockade tower. He can't kill them but they give him an idea to get down the sea where he finds the Pencil, a weapon that he uses all the time after that. He comes back to the ship and finds the pirates are still there but this time he defeats them only with a pencil hit. He enters deeper in the ship and finds out that he needs to collect 3 keys to unlock the door that leads to his sister. He does that cleaning the rooms and defeating the baddies such as ninjas, pirate spiders, parrots and gooses. When he finally reaches his sister he only finds out that he became a pirate princess. She opens a door beneath him and he falls down in the ship's bottom. There he finds drunk pirate captain who tells him to go to the Forgotten Island and find him a beard and he will let his sister go. He does that, but captain betrays him and turns against him. In the boss battle he uses all of his ninja warriors to defeat FPM. If player defeats the captain FPM can be seen with his sister going home and that is the end of the game.

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