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Fancy Pants Man
Fancy Pants Man
Fancy Pants Man holding a pencil.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Stick Figure
Health Healthy
Status Alive
Relatives Cutie Pants Girl (sister)

Fancy Pants Man is the main character of this game series.


He is a stick figure with orange pants and spikey hair. He lives in a place called Squigleville with his sister Cutie Pants Girl. FPM's abilites consist of being very fast, agile, and strong.  He is also seen to have some experience of sword fighting/fencing as he can wield a large pencil as one.


Fancy Pants Man first appeared in FPA World 1, it doesn't have much of a storyline. You run through mountains, stomp spiders and collect squigles, you will find a cardboard box and jump into it, you will then learn how to wall jump. After more stomping, collecting and wall jumping you will find a hole and jump in, there you will find the boss (A penquin). After defeating him that's the end of World 1.

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