The Fancy Pants Adventures World 2: Christmas Edition







The Fancy Pants Adventures World 2 Christmas Edition is a platformer game released in 2008. It is a Christmas remake of Fancy Pants World 2.


The game is almost the same as World 2. It has the same levels, trophies, enemies and bosses except there are some Christmas features.

  • Fancy Pants Man wears a Santa Claus hat along with his pants, and once when pants color is changed, hat color is changed too.
  • Snails shells are green-red, made to look like a christmas present.
  • Instead of the flag, near the hole where Snailshell should be put there is a christmas tree with the color of decorations same as the color of pants that can be unlocked after putting the shell into the hole.


Just like in World 2, Fancy Pants Man chases Angry Rabbit who stole his ice cream. Every level is the same as in World 2 except for Christmas features.

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