Fancy Pants Adventure: World 4
World 4 A New World

Fancy art

Release Date: 2017
Creator: Brad Borne

Main Goal: TBA

Characters (Besides Fancy Pants Man): TBA
Enemies (Besides Boss): Spiders, NinjasMouseBats (confirmed enemies)
Boss: TBA
Start: TBA
End: TBA
Previous World: World 3
Next World: World 5? (confirmed on website)

The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 4 is the fourth world in the Fancy Pants Adventure series. This game has been confirmed many new features that will allow you to do more in the game.



It was confirmed on Brad Borne's website that World 4 will be the start of an epic journey that will span the next few worlds.

Game InfoEdit



  • Brad Borne announced that he will be adding a lot of brand new features in World 4, like jumping through backgrounds with springs and boxes. Most features are still secret.
  • World 4 was first confirmed in a level of The Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles/World 3.

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